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One container with filtered oil and one container with unfiltered oil.
Among the universe of different olive oils that currently exists, Just Extra Virgin is born with the idea of shedding light on the consumers of the “liquid gold” and to spread its benefits among the European public that still does not know this product, the basis of the Mediterranean diet.

At Just Extra Virgin we are aware that there are dozens of online shops dedicated to the sale of olive oil. And each one of them has hundreds of brands and varieties from which consumers can get lost when it comes to choosing.

Has it ever happened to you that you have entered an online olive oil shop and left without buying anything because you didn’t really know what to buy? Well, at Just Extra Virgin we want to put an end to this and make your choice easy.

As you may have noticed, in our olive oil shop we have a reduced number of brands, unlike other websites. In this post, we want to explain the reason for that.

Get to know our EVOOs

Find a selection of the best EVOOs in our online shop.

Our objective: to always offer an “extra virgin” oil.

It is clear to usthat every olive oil on our website must have the category of “extra virgin”. And it is not just about that it is written on the label, but also we ensure that by means of our expert taster, who verifies the quality by tasting a sample

You might have seen the latest news of fraud in the labelling of olive oils in examples like mixing seed oils with refined olive oils to pass them off as extra virgin, or packaging lampante oils that are not fit for consumption.

We know that, over the months, olive oils can degrade and lose their category, so we monitor them regularly. Therefore, if our oils lose the “extra virgin” category, we remove them from the website until the next campaign. We monitor the product through an internal traceability system to ensure that it complies with the official physical, chemical and sensory parameters. You can be sure that each of the oils published on the website fulfils the regulations.

On the other hand, the nuances of extra virgin olive oils vary each season and in this sense, each season we create new sensory stars so that our customers can really know the identity of the olive oil they buy.

Would you like to receive a video explaining the tasting technique? Well, you will also receive it in your email if you choose to buy Just Extra Virgin olive oils. It is something innovative and people who have opted for our EVOOs have highly valued it. Being able to sit in the sofa following the tasting technique through your mobile or tablet is just something wonderful. As said before, our mission is to raise awareness of this amazing product because we feel it is still unknown to many people.

What do we do to bring the best “extra virgin” olive oil to your kitchen?

In short, we take care of the following:

  • Traceability system to take care of each oil quality.
  • Annual follow-up of each EVOO
  • Tastings and sensory stars.
  • Own design of sensory stars.
  • And in order to help you get to know this product better: video-tasting with each EVOO.

All these are the reasons why we do not want to have a wide range of EVOOs in our shop. Our concept is clear: having a few of them, but meeting all of them the requirements, so that when you will open a bottle in your kitchen, you will discover all the essence of a good extra virgin olive oil.

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