Get to know Just Extra Virgin

Just Extra Virgin

Do you want to know where Just Extra Virgin EVOOs come from?

In an area covered with a green mantle, made up of more than 65 million olive trees that produce 20% of the world’s olive oil production.

Centenary olive trees cultivated by thousands of small farmers who, with their experience and wisdom, produce a unique and singular product: extra virgin olive oil.

A place where this EVOO is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet, the basis of our region’s diet. A region as known as the “Sea of Olive trees”.

Just Extra Virgin

Just Extra Virgin is a project started by a group of friends who love their land, are committed to the traditional olive grove and the work of small farmers.

With this idea we intend to market the essence, the aromas and the purest flavours of the EVOOs born in our region.

Our dream is to connect you with the olive mills, to make you feel what we feel when we crush the olives, to let your imagination run wild when you taste our EVOOs. Wherever you are, anywhere in Europe, we want you to discover and relive the sensations that our product transmits.

“Our mission is to bring this treasure hidden in the depths of our province to anyone anywhere in Europe”.

Just Extra Virgin

The EVOOs present in Just Extra Virgin are normally consumed locally, as olive oil mills do not always have enough muscle to market their products through the Internet. Therefore, we want to contribute to the expansion of their EVOOs and increase the diffusion of their brands.

These mills provide work for thousands of small farmers with a life full of experience in the fields, and a knowledge of it that passed on from generation to generation. For this reason, on our website we include EVOOs that promote the traditional olive grove model, and with it employment and the conservation of the rural environment, as well as the fight against the depopulation of small villages.

We want to vindicate the importance of a product such as extra virgin olive oil, a product whose uses and properties are unknown far from Spain.

Taking care of the olive trees and picking the olives is more than a job, it is our family tradition.

“We want to raise awareness of the way of living of the olive growers, and we are committed to fair prices that give value to the hard work they carry out every day”.