Almazaras, the origin of everything

Only oil mills from small towns in our province are present in Just Extra Virgin. You will get extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality that you will not find in the supermarket. Oil mills that are the industrial heart and soul of these villages and their economic engine. For this reason, supporting Just Extra Virgin olive oils means supporting rural areas.

Extra quality that makes the difference

The oil mills that collaborate with Just Extra Virgin meet a series of essential requirements to produce extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality. Which are they?

  • Periodic and exhaustive cleaning of installations and machinery that comes into contact with the fruit.
  • Selection and classification of the fruit in the oil mill yard.
  • Control of temperatures and mixing times to ensure a cold extraction process.
  • Classification prior to storage and control of the parameters in the warehouse.
  • Packaging process in formats that preserve the quality of the olive juices.