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All formats from Coovihal (500ml, 2l and 5l) contain the same EVOO


Both formats from Oro Bailen (3l bag in box and 500ml.) contain the same EVOO




SCA Sierra de la Pandera (Los Villares)

Why buy extra virgin olive oil online?

At Just Extra Virgin, we want to make the shopping experience as easy as possible for our customers. Moreover, anyone living in European countries can buy extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality and have it at home within a few days. We offer you total transparency and trust. The following reviews come from customers who have chosen to write a review on our Google profile.

FAQs when buying olive oil

Here is a summary of the questions that our customers ask often when buying extra virgin olive oil at Just Extra Virgin. We want to make your experience on our website as simple and satisfactory as possible. Take a look at our FAQs. If you still have any questions, please contact us at

How do I calculate the shipping costs for deliveries outside Spain?

Before buying the extra virgin olive oil that you like or that suits you best, we give you the option of calculating your shipping costs in our tool with no need to register or add detailed information.

After you have decided what and how much olive oil you want to buy, just enter the postcode where you want us to send it and the shipping options available will be shown. You can choose the one you want!

Where does the olive oil I buy on the website come from?

All the olive oils you can buy at Just Extra Virgin are shipped directly from the oil mill to your home. In this way we ensure that the oils are stored in perfect condition until we send them to you.

How do I know that I will buy good quality EVOO when buying from Just Extra Virgin?

We do not want to be just another website selling olive oil among all those existing on the Internet. We want to offer you an extra. No tricks when buying olive oil. For this reason, every year when the new olive harvesting season arrives, we taste and select the olive oils that are included on the website, to ensure that the quality of what we offer is 100% extra virgin.

Unfortunately, taking advantage of the consumer’s lack of knowledge, certain companies market olive oils with the “extra virgin” label when in fact this is not the case. Therefore, we only market olive oils whose quality has been verified by our team through a sensory evaluation.

Only “extra virgin” quality allows to prepare sensory stars. We present them in each of our olive oils so that you too can see what nuances are present.

In addition, you will be able to perform your own tasting at home guided by our expert through the online experience that we give you for buying extra virgin olive oil on our website.

What can I do if I have a problem with my olive oil order?

We work with external transport agencies and problems can occur with these intermediaries. Therefore, you can contact us at any time via all available channels: chat or contact form on the website, email or social networks, Facebook and Instagram.

Regardless of which country in Europe you want to send your olive oil to or which transport agency you have chosen, we are committed to help you solve your problem promptly, try to give you the information you need and offer you the best solution.

I am not sure which extra virgin olive oil I should buy, what can I do?

Which oil is best for cooking? Which oil can I use to add a special touch to my meals? Don’t worry, we’ll help you choose.

It depends on what you want to use it for and your own taste, of course.
Write an email to us at or leave a comment via the web chat, and we will advise you personally. Every palate is different, and at Just Extra Virgin we want to satisfy all of them.